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Why is there only 2 currency listed?

  • International currency will be in USD, and because PHYSIKAY is located in Canada, CAD currency is also listed.

I've selected USD on homepage, but when i go checkout why does it turn into CAD?

  • Currently our website is defaulted at CAD only, and conversion in USD  is only on our product page. We will try our best to fix this problem, but in the meantime sorry for the inconvenience.

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

What is your Return & Exchange Policy?

  • No returns or exchanges. The waist trainer is considered a next to skin product, and will be final sale.

When will I receive my order?

  • When order is placed, it will be shipped within 3 days after payment. Order will be received depending on the shipping method you chose during checkout via Canada Post (Standard or Express).

How do i clean and maintain my waist trainer?

  • to maintain fabric wipe inside trainer with a wet cloth after every use.
  • Hand wash in warm water at least once a week and line dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Can be soaked in warm mild soap water once a month, and must rinsed thoroughly, then line to dry.

Will i get a sweat rash from using the waist trainer too long?

  • To avoid any allergy or sweat rash, please remember to shower or wipe off sweat area after using the trainer if applicable.
  • Trainer should not be worn more than 3 hrs on direct skin, but can be worn up to 6 hrs on top of clothes.
  • This trainer is designed with the best materials that are suitable for most sensitive skin type.  If you do have a allergy reaction please discontinue using, or if you choose to continue to wear, please consult a doctor.

Can the waist trainer be used as a back/posture support?

  • The waist trainer is designed to give moderate posture support for weight loss purposes while exercising. If used as a regular back/posture support you may feel uncomfortable due to the heat it may promote to your body, because of the material it is made from.

What is the benefit in using a waist trainer?

  • The trainer is meant to aid you in your daily workout in producing more sweat to burn more calories in achieving your weight loss success faster.
  • It is made from the best material to help you promote blood circulation around your body therefore you sweat more and sweat faster.
  • It provides you moderate core support while performing different types of workouts
  • Along with a healthy diet; when waist trainer is worn on top of clothes for 6 hrs daily, for a long period of time, it slowly provides body shaping.

What is the difference between a corset and a waist trainer?

  • CORSET: made with non stretchable material with steel bones lined around waist to push and structure your bone and organs inwards making a waistline curve. This does not help you lose weight. It is normally worn super tight with multiple hooks closure.
  • PHYSIKAY WAIST TRAINER: made with durable, stretchable, breathable material, comfortably worn during exercises to burn calories and lose weight by promoting blood circulation around the core area.  Thereby making you sweat more and burn more calories faster.  It also provides moderate core support and body shaping when it is worn daily. PHYSIKAY Waist Trainer can be pulled and adjust to your desired tightness with the double layer Velcro closure design; providing you a longer comfortable wear time.

What other conditions I should not be wearing a waist trainer?

  • Do not wear waist trainer while sleeping.
  • Trainer is not suitable for pregnancy use as a belly support.
  • Please consult a doctor before use, if you have any health conditions.